25th Westcott Street Cultural Fair

Parking and Other Fair Inormation


315-313-5447 (leave a message, messages checked weekly)

Mailing Address

Westcott Street Cultural Fair
826 Euclid Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13210


Sharon Sherman, Chair
Mary Hagemann, Coordinator

Parking for People with Disabilities

Parking for disabled persons is located in the public parking lot behind the businesses on the NE corner of Westcott St and Harvard Place. Entry is by way of Westcott St. directly across from Dell St., beside New Garden restaurant, 471 Westcott St. Official displayed disabled parking plates or permits or plates are required, or vehicles will be towed.

General Parking

You may park in the streets in the vicinity of the fair. Pay close attention to even/odd parking sides -- This will be an "even" parking day. You may also park in a Thornden Park parking lot. Parking rules are very strictly enforced in the neighborhood on the day of the fair!